Love is a Big Deal

The other weekend I found myself sitting on the roof of a tea room in Wisconsin, watching my best friend be overtaken by emotion as we wrapped up her bridal shower.

“What’s wrong?” Her mother asked her.

“I don’t know,” she said. “I just feel so…loved.”

That moment was the reason I traveled all the way out there. It is an amazing thing to feel that–and now having lived it, to be a part of it for people I love.

If you were part of our wedding weekend, you undoubtedly saw D and me overcome with emotion many (many) times. After Friday night, I thought my heart would burst with gratefulness and gratitude. In fact, after we bid farewell to everyone on Sunday, we really had to take a few minutes to get ourselves together.

The point is that there’s really no way for me to articulate how much our wedding means to me. I wasn’t expecting to feel changed, but I did. I feel more awake and aware of the gift we all have.

And yeah, I cry pretty much every time I think about it. I hope I never stop.


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