Another F*cking Blog

The other week, I realized that this blog has fallen prey to my sometimes schizophrenic feelings on life. It’s scattered and lacks focus.

So as I try to sort out what I want to do with myself (I’ve made a list of career alternatives–they all share a common thread: I’d need to invest a lot of money to make no money. See: calligraphy and playing the french horn), I decided to compartmentalize the stuff I post about.

To that end,  I decided to put the daily goings-on about our life, family and friends in a place where the people we love can enjoy it.

So go ahead and point your Web browser to The Family Fletch every now and again to see what D, me and our loved ones are up to.

I still don’t know what that means for Expo86. Maybe Expo will go back to existing solely for short-form nonfiction. All I know is that this place used to be about bitching, emoting and dreaming big and it feels time to get back to basics. Less so with the bitching, but you get what I’m saying.

So, with that, read our f*cking blog.


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