Are you a woman?

Get married, and your inbox will start looking like this. Click to enlarge. Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Good f*cking grief.

My irritation is three-fold:

1.  I never signed up for The Nest. It’s just what The Knot does to you after your wedding date has passed. Jerks.

2. I just started getting crap about kids from male coworkers about having kids. Which brings me to…

3. Of my friends with children, most of the husbands were ready to hop on the baby train before the wives were.

So maybe The Nest has the wrong audience. Fill up the husbands inboxes so we can go back to looking at Gilt sales.



3 responses to “Are you a woman?

  1. 1. Marketing at it’s finest
    2. Inappropriate
    3. It’s very true

    PS – Hope your holidays went OK… I thought of you often!

  2. 1. Seriously
    2. 100%
    3. Weird science

    Holidays were mostly good. Bring on 2011!

  3. Fab! Good to hear it 🙂

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