Don’t Touch My Sh*t

This afternoon I was standing in our office kitchen talking to a colleague when another colleague — whom I barely know aside from his name and position — crept up behind me and scared the shit out of me. When he did so, he put both of his hands between my waist and hips and squeezed.

I flipped out on him.*

Here’s the thing. What makes one gal comfortable might be uncomfortable for the next gal. For me, this was not only immature and unprofessional, it was inappropriate.

This video, (NSFW because it uses the word “sh*t” a lot) directed by our friend (if you were at our wedding, he was the emcee), made me feel better.

Of course, in my case, “my sh*t” is my bod.

Feels good to laugh again.

*I told him never to do that again. He laughed. I said, “I’m serious, never do that to me ever the eff again,” and walked away. Then asked HR to document it. Later in the day I overheard him make an offensive joke about Asians… to our new Asian colleague. Ugh.

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