A Day of Firsts, or, FML, LOL

Today I:

  • Cried Sobbed over work. To add insult to injury, I had started the whole gasping-for-air bit just as our amazing* cleaners walked in, with what appeared to be one of their tween daughters.
  • Received a piece of mail addressed to my dead brother.

So, I pretty much have to go kill myself, right?

*Not being sarcastic. This investment is one of the best we have ever made.


5 responses to “A Day of Firsts, or, FML, LOL

  1. Sorry about the crappy day. Cleaners are the best investment ever if your net hourly rate is anything over $10/hr.

  2. It got better. And our cleaners definitely charge more than $10/hour, but we are grateful for the help, especially when we are balls to the wall with work, travel, etc. Saves a few squabbles here and there, too. 🙂

  3. What?! How is number 2 possible? Fluke or intentional? Horrible either way 😦

    PS – I hate when number 1 happens. Did you get to punch anyone?

  4. #1 is the worst. Didn’t get to punch anyone, but did take it out at the gym for what has been my very best workout since February. So that was fun. 🙂

    I don’t even know about #2 — but they had his birthday right and everything. (It was a Discover credit card opportunity for college students! Low interest rate!) I can find some dark humor in it, but it made me wonder if that ever happens to my parents. That makes me a little angry. Stupid marketers.

  5. #1 – Nice! Congrats. Glad something positive came out of it.
    #2 – THAT is crazy. Pretty surprised that his name would show up on a purchased list. Makes me wonder where on earth Discover is buying lists from. There is clearly something wrong there.

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