Stuff I Missed about the U.S. While I Was in Europe

I’m publishing some old draft posts. Because why not? Originally written October 3, 2011.

I’m guilty of making Europe out to be way cooler than the U.S. On Sunday, I was eager to get home and jotted down a couple things that I’d been missing about the States.

  • Toilet seat covers. Actually, I missed toilet seats, too.
  • Meals centered around something other than bread. How much can a person eat in a day?
  • Roads without speed bumps and traffic circles. I’m pretty sure the road to hell is paved with those.
  • Showers with a full glass door. The partial door business is incredibly inefficient and regardless of how I position the shower head, water ends up all over the floor.
  • Swimsuits. Call me an uncool American, but I don’t need to see that much of a lady, and I never need to see a man’s fruit basket.
There’s two sides to every coin, though. When I got to work this morning and scrolled through Twitter, I saw this and immediately wanted to go back to Spain where lunch lasts three hours and hippies make giant bubbles in the squares.

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