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Jessie Spano Wrote a Book

Forgive me for wondering if the star of “Showgirls” is equipped to get my teenage daughter through the rough patches of adolescence.

(And, for old times’ sake)


Wanted: Flats that Don’t Kill Me

Honestly, I can’t find a pair of flats that don’t wreck my feet with pinching or blisters. I just sent back a gorgeous pair of nude colored J.Crew flats because they were slightly too wide and I worried they’d rub with any substantial walking.*

Recommendations? Anyone? My only prerequisite is that it’s more of a ballet flat (less sporty), not of leather or non-synthetic materials, and comes in a black or nude. I’m thinking about trying these, in spite of the mixed reviews on comfort. Or am I the only person out there with this problem?

*We drive our car once a week on average. It rules and I know it’ll be one of the things I miss the most about this place.

For the Ladies: Still with the Hairstuffs

I realized I haven’t shared with you the product that I can’t live without…that, if it weren’t so expensive, I would buy by the crate and horde in the closet built especially for it.

Feast your eyes upon wondrous Ojon Revitalizing Mist. Calling it a leave-in conditioner doesn’t do it justice. Then again, “orgasm for my hair,” would probably get deleted from the customer reviews. Continue reading

For the Ladies: Hairstuffs

I have a thick head of hair, which I used to have thinned whenever I got a trim, making it manageable to wear down as long as I used a flat iron.

My hair stylist here is staunchly against thinning hair and ignores my pleas to get out the razor.

After having the best blowout ever, I sacked up and bought a round ceramic brush made of boar bristles. Surprisingly inexpensive and I haven’t used a flat iron in nearly a week. A WEEK!

I’m never going back. Start your search on Amazon.

Note: Beware of brushes with uber soft rubber handles. It can pull hair when drying. Ouch.

Let Reba Crack the Bass

I had dinner with my friend Brandy last night and she was telling me about Bust Magazine (a girl magazine for non-girly types) and insisted that I check out their web site to watch a video wherein Leslie Hall and the LYs rock gold lamé bodysuits while rapping.

Well I did, and I love it. And, coincidentally, upon further investigation it turns out that Leslie Hall is from Ames, IA (my birthplace and where my grandparents live). ANYWAY. This is the kickass jam not only of the day, but for the whole weekend. Girl, get nasty!

(More from Leslie Hall and the LYs…Denver kids can see them @ the Larimer Lounge on 3.15 for a whopping $8!)

My Secret for Fountain Drinks

I don’t drink a lot of soda. If I do, it’s gotta be diet (unless I’m hungover, then Coke Classic it is) and it usually comes from a fountain. But, if you’re like me, you’re not quite satisfied with most diet sodas (Diet Dr. Pepper being the exception, but few establisments have it on tap).

Which is why I developed this method:

I fill the majority (at least 3/4) up with diet soda. Then I fill the remaining cup space (usually just a splash) with the full-calorie counterpart.

The result: Nearly calorie-free soda that tastes like the real thing. Because I’m not so nuts that I can’t handle a few calories in my bev. This method works especially well with the following:

Coke/Diet Coke
Pepsi/Diet Pepsi
Coke/Vanilla Coke
Pepsi/Cherry Pepsi

Like I said, I’m not a huge pop connoisseur,  so I’m sure there are a handful more good combos (I haven’t tried this with the clear sodas, mostly because I don’t really like them). Give it a whirl, I’m telling you it will change your life!

I’ll Chance It

This is still, like, the single most annoying study ever.

But P.S., regularly taking the birth control pill for five-plus years is proven to cut your chances of ovarian cancer in half. Get with that oxymoron.