A Request

Could someone please create a low-calorie bagel? They are one of my favorites foods, especially in the wintertime with soup, and 300 calories a pop (without the cream cheese) just seems ridiculous. And please don’t come at me with any of that mini-bagel tomfoolery. It’s just not the same.

3 responses to “A Request

  1. I’m always up for a good challenge in the kitchen! I must say though… bagels might have to be one of those things you splurge on b/c I don’t think anything will ever taste as good as the real deal. And hey, at least you’re not addicted to Big Macs. Eat your bagel w/ cream cheese and soup and hit the gym… life it too short for deprivation!

  2. Double true! Sidenote: The Atkins Diet would kill me. Long live carbs.

  3. Agree. Additional side note: diets = short term fix, long term frustration! Long live balance 🙂

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